Dacians - Creatures

Paduroiul     The legends say that the gods meant Muma Padurii ("the Mother of the Forest") to be the one who protects the forest and its creatures from the evil that men do, as well as men themselves from the dangers of the wilderness. In time, Muma Padurii started hating men more and more, due to the devastation that they brought to the things she tried to protect. First, she would only scare off wanderers, but quickly she ended up killing any man that she encountered in the woods. The goddess Bendis found out about all these and cursed her to share her life with the next man that she will kill. Muma Padurii ignored the curse and killed again, so Bendis brought the victim back to life and forced Muma Padurii to marry him. This man became known as Paduroiul and the gods trusted him with the work that Muma Padurii had abandoned. His name comes from the word "padure", which means forest.
    Because of his fate, Paduroiul tries to protect those who are lost in the woods, or have been lured there by demons. Still, his origin doesn't stop him from being unforgiving to those who threaten the forests or the creatures that live in them. His wisdom bought him the confidence of the gods, who eventually made him the master of all magical creatures. To the wizards, he also became the voice of the gods, as the rulers of the world started using him as a messenger whenever they wanted to repay the wizards, punish them or send orders to them. Even Uniila, the master of the wizards and of the hultans asks him for advice from time to time.
    Derzelas, the god of vitality, gave him a magic spear which makes him almost invincible, because any wound heals very quickly as long as he is holding the spear in his hands. He also has a bow with enchanted arrows which never miss the target, and when they hit, they turn into thick ivy which entangles the victim.
    Even though he's been forced to marry Muma Padurii, Paduroiul doesn't love her because she didn't give up her hatred against mankind. Still, they have a daughter, Fata Padurii.

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