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Site update! (Jul 29 2004)
       This week brings a large update of the Lore section and ten new images in the Concept art page.
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Newsletter service fix (Mar 10 2004)
   We have fixed an incompatibility between the newsletter service and several webmail sites.
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Downloads available! (Mar 8 2004)
   We have added four wallpapers and a high-res poster in the Downloads section. Bring the Getica atmosphere on your desktop.
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   Heavy clouds are joining hands in the skies, overwhelming the cold sun of the late autumn and swallowing its light. The wild fir forest is preparing to receive the storm like it was its step sister, with the willpower of the eternity that binds it to this world. A stag's lament reaches from far away, while the wind runs across the valleys, gathering flocks of ravens that start swarming under the lightning which plows the dark sky.
   Somewhere high above, on a rock tongue that defies the abyss beneath it, a man can be seen. The raging heavens are waving his grizzled hair and his heavy robe, but his hands, open as if to enclose the entire unfettered nature, cling to the air thickened by the burden of the lowered sky. The old man is dominating the troubled nature, who shows him her force, but without willing to pull him down from where he stands. His sight encloses the world that lies at its feet, the lands of his people.
   The veins of Magic pass through this world, shape it and keep it together. Magic is the life of the Nature, and people have spoken its language ever since their kind sprung in the middle of it. The hopelessness of the old man joins the torment of the world around him, as he sees how people drifted away from Magic and the ancestral teachings. The desperate voice of Nature sends him a dreadful revelation: the Magic is dying.
   The old man is a hultan, a shepherd of the living world. His caste is now the last hope of Nature to urge men into remembering their role in the world and to be saved from falling into utter darkness and oblivion. The eyes of the hultan stare in the depths of the skies, as he sees that it won't be enough to turn his own people back to the old rites; if Nature is to be saved, all the nations of the world must purify their lives and recover their place in the fabric of Life.

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